Co-Founders of Hanan Visit In March 2017

Hanan Co-Founders Visit March 2017Co-founders of Hanan visit the students periodically to see their progress.  In March, 2017, the children were excited and proud to host their first art show in their school.  Great imaginations were being displayed and visitors left  in amazement of the talents that lay behind these faces.










Fundraiser 2017 “Refugee in Paris”

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Hanan Fundraiser_9

Saturday, May 20th, 2017, the mood set with artwork by Mays Mahayni Tawam around the room, a grand piano up front and center, and the Orlando community out in full support.  An evening filled with expressions of hope, support, and promise as the faces of the children of Hanan Okulu captured our hearts.

Emir Gamsizoglu, renown Turkish pianist and composer, finished off the evening with a concert of beautiful music by Chopin and his life story as a “Refugee in Paris”.

Thanks to the funding of the entire event by board members, 100% of the proceeds raised go to the school.  The generous contributions of the community allowed Hanan Foundation to raise over $55,000 to continue to provide education for Syrian Refugee Children in its school in Istanbul.  The money will go towards supplies, uniforms, education, transportation and any health needs that may arise and Hanan can afford for these children.

Summer Camp 2017 will be heading to Istanbul to provide the Syrian Refugee Children with two weeks of activities, arts and crafts, sports, and fun.  Creating hope and instilling promise is our goal for these children. We look forward to sharing our experiences when we return.

Thank you to all our supporters for helping us continue our mission.

Latest from our School in Turkey

We are now sponsoring over 300 Syrian refugees in Turkey in a school sponsored solely by Hanan Foundation.  The Syrian issue is becoming a long-term struggle and we have no option but to continue to do what we can to support educating Syrian refugees and orphans. We may be fighting an uphill battle in D.C., […]


Hanan Okulu

  • Istanbul – Turkey

Hanan Foundation set out to reinstill hope in the children who not only lost their homes, but years of education. With hard work from the volunteers in Orlando as well as our dedicated volunteer in Istanbul, Hanan Foundation has been able to secure a wonderful new facility, Hanan Okulu, as a donation from the Turkish government. Total enrollment is 530 refugee students thus far, with a majority of them being orphans. For many of these students ranging in age from 6-16, this is their first time in school.

Volunteers Bring Promise

Coming together from all over the world, volunteers committed five days to bringing smiles and inspiring hope to Syrian refugee children.  By hosting a summer camp, volunteers were involved in teaching the children everything from music, to sports, to working on arts and crafts.  Volunteers left the children being as affected by the children as the children were affected by them.